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If you are living in Southern California, chances are, you experience anxiety on a daily basis! Between the heavy traffic we experience everywhere we go, and the issues with our economy, we experience a lot of stress in our lives! We are juggling so many different things, wanting it all to go smoothly… phew that can all be very overwhelming! Let’s be clear that some anxiety is healthy, and can actually help us in our everyday lives. With the correct “dose” of anxiety, we can accomplish more at work, home, and our personal lives, and be all around more efficient and focused. However, the problem comes along when our anxiety level is above the “normal” amount. If you are noticing that your anxiety is negatively impacting your everyday life, then you may want to do something about it. When we have too much anxiety we may experience sleep issues (waking up at odd hours of the night, unable to have a full nights sleep, waking up earlier than your alarm clock etc.). We may also find ourselves unable to focus on one task, leaving things unfinished and moving on to another task, and we keep repeating this. This can be an issue at work and can consequently impact your self-esteem. You may realize that it’s difficult for you to pay attention for a long period of time (some may confuse this with Attention Deficit Disorder ADD). If you are unable to pay attention to your friend, partner, parent, child etc. this can negatively affect your relationships, making your loved ones think that you just “don’t care.”  You may also notice that you are having difficulty simply sitting down and having a meal, constantly feeling that you must “get up and do something.”

In all of the examples mentioned, we can see how having too much anxiety can really make our life and relationships suffer. The great news is that anxiety is something that can be worked on, much like everything else. We can manage our anxiety by engaging in certain physical activities (yoga, meditation, swimming etc.) and mental activities that will calm our nerves and help us get back on track with more focus and ease.