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Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the way in which we feel about ourselves. Do you have a strong sense of self? If so, then you have a high self esteem. How do you feel when someone gives you negative feedback, or doesn’t agree with you? Do you take it as a personal blow, get upset, hurt, angry etc.? If so, this is a sign that you can work on your self esteem in order to avoid these feelings. When we feel confident about ourselves, and our abilities, we can accomplish more in life, making us happier. When we exude confidence, others around you will have more respect and admiration for you because a confident person is highly attractive!  An increase in self-esteem will help in your personal relationships with a partner, child, parent, and friend. You will also notice how your professional work will take off to great places simply by being more confident. As you learn more about yourself in therapy, and start taking care of yourself and your needs, you will notice your self-esteem increasing.